2010-2011 Teacher Grant Recipients

Thomas McCoy – Highlands Elementary Pilots of Tomorrow

Kari Wilson – Joe Wilson Intermediate World Class Cuisines

Michael Clark – Cedar Hill High School EPS for Theatrical Sets and Props

Susan Roper & Howard Atkinson – Plummer Elemantary To Uganda with Love:  Books of Hope

Denise Karowski – DAEP Fact or Fiction Mythbusters

Janice Wessa – Waterford Oaks Elementary Summer Reading:  It’s in the Bag

Natasha Childs -Waterford Oaks Engaging Visual and Kinesthetic Learners Through a                      Document Camera

Brandy Manning, Lena Kawar, Aceila Taylor, Lilly Gray, Stephanie Rodriguez & Milton Doyle – Waterford Oaks 4th Grade C.S.I. – Club Investigation

Lillie Gray – Waterford Oaks Helping Reluctant Learners Foster a Love for Reading, Writing and Math through the use of a document Camera and Books

Denise Wessels – Beltline Intermediate The Eco-Corner  $ 995.20

Sandra Hogg & Kari Howton Waterford Oaks Elementary Learning with Games

LaToya Williams – Beltline Intermediate Mastering Measurement through Literacy Circles

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